Fare­well, Fal­se Alarms

pro­mi­seQ is re-thin­king the secu­ri­ty indus­try with AI-sup­­por­t­ed video sur­veil­lan­ce A shadow, a moving ani­mal or rain - anyo­ne who reli­es on video sur­veil­lan­ce to secu­re their buil­dings or com­pa­nies is often faced with fal­se alarms. The flood of video data gene­ra­ted by the­se sys­tems poses a major chall­enge for secu­ri­ty staff. Alarms are sent unfil­te­red to […]

Dele­ga­ti­on from Fin­land visits Babelsberg

On Febru­ary 01, 2024, a dele­ga­ti­on from Fin­land visi­ted the Babels­berg media loca­ti­on. Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves from the city of Kot­ka, inclu­ding Toni Van­ha­la, Direc­tor of Urban Deve­lo­p­ment and Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, Mark­ku Han­no­nen, Direc­tor of Urban Plan­ning, and Patri­cia Bro­as, Mana­ger of Urban Plan­ning, as well as repre­sen­ta­ti­ves from the com­pa­ny Cur­sor Oy, inclu­ding Eli­na Rei­ja­sa­lo, Head of Business […]

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor - Appli­ca­ti­ons for the new Invest­ment Rea­di­ness Pro­gram are open

Are you an ear­­ly-stage start­up loo­king for the per­fect jump­start to your suc­cess? In that case, Invest­ment Rea­di­ness Pro­gram from the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor is just right for you! Start-ups with a B2B SaaS busi­ness model that is digi­tal, inno­va­ti­ve and sca­lable can now app­ly for the new MTH Acce­le­ra­tor pro­gram. The 12-month online pro­gram is […]

Grie­ving tog­e­ther in 3D

VYVYT offers vir­tu­al memo­ry rooms There’s always going to be peo­p­le dying - even in the tech world. Ava­tars that live on in place of us or chat­bots with the voices of the decea­sed - such offe­rings are the way that Sili­con Val­ley has been respon­ding to the human need to cope with death and finality. […]

Recap | SLUSH 2023 in Helsinki

The Web Sum­mit in Lis­bon was fol­lo­wed by SLUSH Hel­sin­ki. SLUSH, descri­bed as “the most foun­­der-focu­­sed event on earth”, is a two-day con­fe­rence focus­sing on start­ups and ven­ture capi­tal. From 30 Novem­ber to 1 Decem­ber 2023, foun­ders and entre­pre­neurs, start­ups and inves­tors from all over the world came tog­e­ther again this year.  A dele­ga­ti­on of the Digi­tal Hub […]

Song­Push revo­lu­tio­ni­s­ing music marketing

Crea­ti­ve, auto­ma­ted social media cam­paigns ins­tead of cum­ber­so­me nego­tia­ti­ons Lip sync batt­les, remi­xes of favou­ri­te songs or dance per­for­man­ces - the suc­cess of Tik­Tok has had a major impact on the use and mar­ke­ting of music on social media. Music plays the deter­mi­ning fac­tor in con­tent pro­duc­tion. But it’s no lon­ger that easy in the TikTok […]

MTH Unboxing: St. Audio

In the ever-gro­­wing world of pod­cas­ting, con­tent crea­tors are con­stant­ly loo­king for ways to reach and enga­ge their audi­ence. This is whe­re St​.Audio comes in, a plat­form that helps pod­cas­ters to expand their reach. The start-up par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the Media Foun­ders Pro­gram, a fun­ding pro­gram of the Media Inno­va­ti­on Cen­ter Babels­berg (MIZ) in coope­ra­ti­on with the Media­Tech Hub […]

MTH Unboxing: memodio

The MTH Unboxing is a month­ly for­mat. One start­up from the port­fo­lio of the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor will be pre­sen­ted in each issue. This time, you will learn more about the start­up memo­dio. Many peo­p­le use digi­tal ser­vices to keep an eye on their health, or to have a posi­ti­ve influence on it in the long term, […]

MTH Unboxing: VYVYT

The MTH Unboxing is a month­ly for­mat. One start­up from the port­fo­lio of the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor will be pre­sen­ted in each issue. This time, you will learn more about the start­up VYVYT. Places whe­re peo­p­le can mourn and com­me­mo­ra­te the loss of a loved one are as varied and indi­vi­du­al as how peo­p­le deal with death […]

Kick-off of the MTH Boot­camp - A look behind the scenes

On Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 1, 2023, the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor has orga­ni­zed the first “MTH Boot­camp”. Seve­ral start­ups from the Acce­le­ra­tor pro­gram, both acti­ve and alum­ni teams, came tog­e­ther that after­noon to share chal­lenges, insights and expe­ri­en­ces, learn inte­res­t­ing infor­ma­ti­on about Babels­berg as a media loca­ti­on, and recei­ve hel­pful input. Among them were the foun­ders of the […]