Approach & Contact 


Our home is in the midd­le of the Media City Babels­berg. Sin­ce April 2022, the pre­mi­ses of the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam Manage­ment and the MTH Acce­le­ra­tor have been loca­ted in the new­ly crea­ted coll­ec­tion buil­ding of the Film­mu­se­um Pots­dam. Direct­ly oppo­si­te the Babels­berg KON­RAD WOLF Film University.

Our address: 
Mar­­le­­ne-Die­t­rich-Allee 12a
14482 Potsdam

If you have appoint­ments at our pre­mi­ses, we can be rea­ched by public transport:

S-Bahn (S7)
To Grieb­nitz­see and from the­re onto August-Bebel-Stra­­ße. Turn onto Mar­­le­­ne-Die­t­rich-Allee and walk along it until the end.

Regio­nal train (RE 7) 
To Medi­en­­stadt-Babels­­berg, take Groß­bee­ren Stra­ße to Emil-Jan­­ning-Stra­­ße and fol­low it to the end.

Arran­ge mee­tings with us 

If you would like to meet us or visit the Media­Tech Hub with a dele­ga­ti­on, plea­se cont­act us in advan­ce to arran­ge an appointment.