Inter­la­ke: The Tech at the Media­Tech Hub Potsdam

How does an IT com­pa­ny like Inter­la­ke come to be part of the Media­Tech Hub? What does the search for tech­ni­cal tools to sol­ve cus­to­mers’ pro­blems have to do with media? Whe­re does tech come tog­e­ther with media in the company?

Quite sim­ply: the sec­tor of e-lear­ning is a cen­tral field of acti­vit for Inter­la­ke. Inter­la­ke is respon­si­ble for pro­vi­ding tech­ni­cal sup­port to com­pa­nies for the pre­sen­ta­ti­on and dis­tri­bu­ti­on of lear­ning mate­ri­als, i.e. informing employees at seve­ral loca­ti­ons about all sorts of things such as pro­duct deve­lo­p­ments and new laun­ches. This infor­ma­ti­on can be pre­sen­ted in an attrac­ti­ve way on dif­fe­rent plat­forms - in the form of text and images, but also, for exam­p­le, by means of vide­os or ani­ma­ti­on. Com­pa­nies can also deploy e-lear­ning to iden­ti­fy par­ti­cu­lar­ly qua­li­fied employees and their untap­ped poten­ti­al, and then iden­ti­fy and reme­dy defi­ci­ts in others.

Deca­des of expe­ri­ence and con­ti­nu­al mar­ket ana­ly­sis help the Pots­da­mers to pro­vi­de a relia­ble assess­ment as to which of the num­e­rous e-lear­ning tools available on the mar­ket is the appro­pria­te one for the respec­ti­ve com­pa­ny. Inter­la­ke also offers advice on how com­pa­nies can prepa­re sto­ries so that they are inte­res­t­ing and unders­tood by their tar­get groups - inclu­ding the didac­tic ques­ti­ons that need to be con­side­red. Arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gence is also used in ths context.

Inter­la­ke reli­es on coope­ra­ti­on within the indus­try in order to achie­ve more tog­e­ther and dri­ve the indus­try for­ward - on coope­ra­ti­on and part­ner­ships, on com­bi­ned exper­ti­se. Working tog­e­ther on lar­ge pro­jects and sol­ving dif­fi­cult tasks, is the com­pa­ny mot­to, says Jen­ny Beut­na­gel, Direc­tor Cor­po­ra­te Deve­lo­p­ment, at Inter­la­ke. Sven Sla­zen­ger, one of the company’s two mana­ging direc­tors, fol­lo­wed his con­vic­tion and made a signi­fi­cant con­tri­bu­ti­on to making Pots­dam one of the sites for the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve - and the only one in Ger­ma­ny for Media­tech. He was and is con­vin­ced of the added value of 120 com­pa­nies loca­ted on a squa­re kilo­met­re in Pots­dam-Babels­berg. “We sup­port each other and bene­fit from one ano­ther,” he stres­ses. “The fur­ther tech­ni­cal deve­lo­p­ment of the film and tele­vi­si­on indus­try here has enorm­ous poten­ti­al. This crea­tes added value for com­pa­nies out­side the enter­tain­ment industry.”

Inter­la­ke not only par­ti­ci­pa­tes in the Dwerft rese­arch alli­ance within the Media­Tech Hub net­work, but also has a 25 per­cent sta­ke in Volu­cap (a volu­metric film stu­dio making walk-in films pos­si­ble). Inter­la­ke is con­vin­ced that it will bene­fit from Volucap’s tech­no­lo­gy in the long term. “Good e-lear­ning means that sto­ries are con­stant­ly being told in new and dif­fe­rent ways,” says Sla­zen­ger, “and this includes with visio­na­ry tech­no­lo­gies. Volu­cap was also foun­ded in Pots­dam on the initia­ti­ve of Inter­la­ke, Stu­dio Babels­berg, Arri, Fraun­ho­fer HHI and UFA based on the expe­ri­en­ces with the first holo­grams that Inter­la­ke had deve­lo­ped with Micro­soft. “The tech­no­lo­gy of Volu­cap allows us to think of fur­ther exten­si­ons of e-lear­ning at a time when the com­pu­ter will hop out of the dis­play and enrich our rea­li­ty,¨ Sla­zen­ger says, poin­ting to the added value of Volu­cap for the field of e-lear­ning at Interlake.

What’s more Möven­pick, Coca Cola, Daim­ler, Luft­han­sa, McDo­nalds and many others are among Interlake’s cus­to­mers, a com­pa­ny that’s also one of Mircrosoft’s Gold Part­ners. Around 30 peo­p­le are curr­ent­ly working for Inter­la­ke in Pots­dam. The com­pa­ny has other loca­ti­ons in Pon­te Vedra Beach near Jack­son­ville in the USA whe­re Inter­la­ke is on the loo­kout for new pro­ducts, and in Tal­linn, the capi­tal of Esto­nia, the world’s most digi­ti­sed nation.

The foun­ders Sven Sla­zen­ger, a com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on sci­en­tist, and Dr. Ste­fan Salz­brunn, with a PhD in che­mis­try, come from Lake Con­s­tance and have known each other sin­ce child­hood. Their enthu­si­asm for the Inter­net led them to set up Inter­la­ke in 1997 whilst they were still stu­dy­ents. The name sim­ply con­sists of Inter­net and Lake. It ori­gi­nal­ly meant Lake Con­s­tance. But the name also fits per­fect­ly with the lakes around Potsdam.

By Eva Werner

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