Music col­la­bo­ra­ti­on at the click of a but­ton: how fre­que is revo­lu­tio­ni­s­ing work­flows for film music

What would The God­fa­ther be wit­hout the sad and beau­tiful waltz, Psycho wit­hout its  famous ter­ri­fy­ing music for the show­er sce­ne or Pulp Fic­tion wit­hout the eclec­tic sam­pler of soul clas­sics, rock’n’roll and surf music? Music is an important ele­ment for films and the emo­ti­ons they con­vey. But how do you find the per­fect soundtrack? […]


Film stu­dio trans­for­mes into an eSports are­na: the Valorant Cham­pi­on Tour a guest at Stu­dio Babelsberg

A black hall with ela­bo­ra­te LED light­ing and an LED flo­or with inter­na­tio­nal stars sit­ting around in a cir­cle and with ulti­ma­te con­cen­ra­ti­on: the set­ting could be a film shoot becau­se the hall is the Mar­le­ne Diet­rich Hal­le, one of the most his­to­ric and lar­gest sound stagesin Euro­pe. Film clas­sics such as “The Blue Angel” and “Metro­po­lis” […]


With Volu­cap and Rotor Film on the 94th Oscar shortlist

The latest block­bus­ter The Matrix Resur­rec­tions was rea­li­sed in col­la­bo­ra­ti­on with Media­Tech Hub com­pa­nies Volu­cap and Rotor Film. Wel­co­me to the Matrix! The Matrix Resur­rec­tions, the long-awai­­ted fourth part of the Matrix fran­chise, has been scree­ning in Ger­man cine­mas now for the past six weeks. And it con­ti­nues what revo­lu­tio­nis­ed the film world when the first […]

New tech­no­lo­gies and the deploy­ment of Aug­men­ted Reality:


Hash­tag Dai­ly: the first soap for social media

The suc­cess of dai­ly soaps like Good Times, Bad Times (GZSZ) or All That Mat­ters (Alles was zählt) has con­tin­ued unab­a­ted for seve­ral years. But who is actual­ly still wat­ching ana­lo­gue tele­vi­si­on at the same time each day? We are spoi­led with on-demand plat­forms like Net­flix or Ama­zon Prime. Clips on You­Tube and in the […]


Ever­y­thing with music: how the start-up Klang­chat makes voice mes­sa­ges attractive


Seman­tic tech­no­lo­gies for com­plex metadata


A back­up for the teeth


3D model­ling and laser cut­ters in the classroom


LED wall ins­tead of green screen