Air­bus not the only one to be impres­sed by digi­tal check­lists for indus­try from

The Pots­­dam-based com­pa­ny nxt­Ba­se wins one pri­ze after the other. How come? By offe­ring digi­tal, vir­tu­al check­lists. But what exact­ly does nxt­Ba­se do? Cus­to­mers recei­ve data glas­ses, so-cal­­led smart glas­ses into which com­pa­nies can enter their check­lists, e.g. tho­se for che­cking air­craft doors or rail­way wagons. With the­se smart glas­ses, warehouse­men, fit­ters or ser­vice technicians […]

Screenshot Barberini App

The Bar­be­ri­ni App: The inter­ac­ti­ve muse­um gui­de from Pots­dam for Potsdam

Digi­ti­sa­ti­on and art: a per­fect match! The Bar­be­ri­ni Muse­um in Pots­dam shows us the way - and rea­ches pre­do­mi­nant­ly young peo­p­le whe­re they tend to be the­se days. On the web. The muse­um is thus taking on a pio­nee­ring role here. Visi­tors are gui­ded through inter­ac­ti­ve worlds via apps. But what does the inter­ac­tion look like?


Inter­la­ke: The Tech at the Media­Tech Hub Potsdam

How does an IT com­pa­ny like Inter­la­ke come to be part of the Media­Tech Hub? What does the search for tech­ni­cal tools to sol­ve cus­to­mers’ pro­blems have to do with media? Whe­re does tech come tog­e­ther with media in the company?


Making urban infra­struc­tu­re visi­ble and comprehensible

Whe­re does our rub­bish actual­ly go? When is water con­sump­ti­on at the hig­hest point in the week? How is pas­sen­ger traf­fic dis­tri­bu­ted in a city? The­se and many simi­lar ques­ti­ons will be addres­sed by “VIDAN” start­ing in autumn 2019. Vidan stands for “Visu­al and Dyna­mic Arran­ge­ments of Nar­ra­ti­ves” and is a new pro­ject of the Urban Complexity […]

Data Modelling dwerft

Dwerft - Potsdam’s Rese­arch Alliance

Dwerft: have you ever heard this term befo­re? Dwerft is the name of a recent­ly laun­ched rese­arch pro­ject in Pots­­dam-Babels­­berg. Dwerft does­n’t come from dwarf. That would be com­ple­te­ly inap­pro­pria­te. Rather, dwerft is a so-cal­­led port­man­teau word from “digi­tal” and “shi­py­ard”. Thus, Dwerft is ope­ra­ting digi­tal boat buil­ding in the figu­ra­ti­ve sen­se. Nine mil­li­on Euros are being […]

Foto Prof. Dr. Marius Swoboda

Vir­tu­al Rea­li­ty rea­dy for take-off: In con­ver­sa­ti­on with pro­fes­sor Dr. Mari­us Swo­bo­da, Rolls-Royce

Pro­fes­sor Dr. Mari­us Swo­bo­da, Head of Design Sys­tems Engi­nee­ring at Rolls-Roy­ce, talks about his work - The Bri­tish com­pa­ny Rolls-Roy­ce is deve­lo­ping the air­craft engi­nes of the future in Dah­le­witz: vir­tu­al rea­li­ty has long sin­ce beco­me rea­li­ty in avia­ti­on. We spo­ke with Prof. Swo­bo­da about 1:1 visua­li­sa­ti­on, engi­ne health moni­to­ring, safe­ty requi­re­ments, and potholes. 

Team Vragments

Buil­ding vir­tu­al worlds made easy: Spot­light on our Start-up Lab Vragments

Sta­si inter­ro­ga­ti­on methods, sub­way escape, tra­vel­ling along a motor­way wit­hout a car: the Vrag­ments team of jour­na­lists, deve­lo­pers, gra­phic artists and sci­en­tists expands our rea­li­ty in vir­tu­al space. Ever­yo­ne can use their Fader pro­duct to tell their own sto­ry in a vir­tu­al and simp­le way wit­hout any com­plex tech­no­lo­gy - with text, sound, images, video and, of course, […]

Team visionYOU

Brin­ging media com­pe­tence to schools: visionY­OU does that

This is what hap­pens when three stu­dents lock them­sel­ves away for a crea­ti­ve work­shop in a remo­te stu­dent resi­dence deep in the woods near Ebers­wal­de: the first con­cept for the start-up visionY­OU. The three foun­ders - Made­lei­ne Wolf, Tere­sa Kreis and Paul Lorenz - are now con­ti­nuing to tin­ker away at their edu­ca­tio­nal com­pa­ny in the MediaTechLab. […]

Team Cinuru

Match­ma­king cine­ma: The Cin­u­ru App con­nects cine­ma and filmgoers

Cine­ma ope­ra­tors who can tar­get their audi­en­ces? Film fans not get­ting frus­tra­ted about missed films? How to take cus­to­mer loyal­ty serious­ly, reward it and go digi­tal: the start-up Cin­u­ru Rese­arch makes the cus­to­mers part of the cine­ma. The five foun­ders - Mar­ti­na Ber­ger, Jan­nis Funk, Tobi­as Loh­se, Pau­lo Ruhr­län­der and Jean-David Herld - have developed […]

Team obob UG

The con­s­truc­tion site calls, Obob foun­ders off: 1:0 for the future of trades

They live what they build. They have known each other for seve­ral years from media:net’s Cata­pult start-up pro­gram­me. They are seri­al foun­ders Kili­an Eck­le, Moritz Schroe­der and Tim Loe­wel. The three came tog­e­ther over a piz­za and beer in the Media­TechLab Lounge at Stu­dio Five to recall how a mis­dia­led num­ber led to a busi­ness idea for the […]