Strea­ming films free of char­ge and in the com­fort of your own home: film­fri­end makes it possible

Do you like movies? Are you a real film lover? Then you might be inte­res­ted in film­fri­end. Thanks to the strea­ming ser­vice from Pots­dam you can now watch films free of char­ge using your libra­ry card. That is, if your libra­ry has film­fri­end among its ran­ge of ser­vices. This is alre­a­dy the case in over 70 cities and almost 100 libra­ri­es throug­hout Ger­ma­ny. Then sim­ply regis­ter with your libra­ry card and your pass­word at www​.film​fri​end​.de . Your age will then be che­cked auto­ma­ti­cal­ly. That means the pro­tec­tion of minors is gua­ran­teed. film­fri­end does­n’t coll­ects user-rela­ted data, and adver­ti­sing fea­tured the­re, either.

film­fri­end is the first Ger­man strea­ming ser­vice offe­red by libra­ri­es. It was laun­ched in July 2017 - initi­al­ly at the libra­ri­es in Ber­lin. Short­ly after­wards, film­fri­end was award­ed the Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg Inno­va­ti­on Pri­ze, the spe­cial pri­ze for social innovation.

Apart from num­e­rous Euro­pean and inter­na­tio­nal art­house films, filmfriend’s line-up also includes main­stream films such as the very suc­cessful Inspec­tor Dupin series or fea­ture films like Ange­li­que or Bibi Blocks­berg, for child­ren. In total, more than 1,500 careful­ly sel­ec­ted films are available, with more on the way. Staff careful­ly cura­te the titles that are included in the fic­tion, docu­men­ta­ry, children’s and “Ger­man cine­ma film” sections.

The coope­ra­ti­on part­ners are the Inter­na­tio­nal Leip­zig Fes­ti­val for Docu­men­ta­ry and Ani­ma­ted Film (DOK­Leip­zig), whe­re an exci­ting com­pi­la­ti­on of films about the fall of the Ber­lin Wall and the peaceful revo­lu­ti­on in the GDR has been pre­pared (all of them DOK­Leip­zig award-win­ning films), and the Ger­man Cent­re for Children’s and Youth Films (KJF) which eva­lua­tes children’s and youth films and gives age ratings inva­luable for media edu­ca­ti­on that are regard­ed as being more accu­ra­te than tho­se issued by the FSK. At film­fri­end, FSK and KJF ratings are used in par­al­lel for children’s films. 

In order to make his­to­ri­cal film recor­dings of cities available, film­fri­end is also working clo­se­ly with city and fede­ral sta­te archi­ves. The first com­pi­la­ti­ons can now be found on film­fri­end. The­se have such names as Uns kann kee­ner and Mün­chen wie­der­ent­deckt - all of them films not available on strea­ming plat­forms like Net­flix or Ama­zon. Fur­ther coll­ec­tions are set to follow.

film­fri­end is a por­tal of film­wer­te GmbH in Pots­dam. The com­pa­ny also offers wwww​.alle​ski​no​.de. Andre­as Vogel is the mana­ging direc­tor and sole share­hol­der. He will be pre­sen­ting this ser­vice at the upco­ming Media­Tech Hub Con­fe­rence in Novem­ber and dis­cus­sing what makes VOD plat­forms suc­cessful with Weera­da Sucha­rit­kul, the co-foun­der of Film­Doo (UK), a VoD plat­form for inde­pen­dent and short films with over 900,000 visi­tors each month, and Dami­an Pel­lic­cio­ne (USA), CEO & co-foun­der of Revry​.tv, the first world­wi­de que­er VoD plat­form. By the way, the recent­ly published maga­zi­ne Unfold fea­tures an inter­view with Andre­as Vogel tal­king about how film­wer­te plans to use block­chain for film dis­tri­bu­ti­on. You can read the who­le artic­le online on page 114.

By Eva Werner

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