Frau­en­power meets Bollerwagen

Ulri­ke Woh­lert (Wirt­schafts­för­de­rung Ber­lin-Bran­den­burg [WFBB], on behalf of bun­des­wei­te grün­de­rin­nen­agen­tur [bga]) and Clau­dia Fröh (Social Impact) are plan­ning a spe­cial kind of net­work mee­ting: a hand­cart tour for fema­le entre­pre­neurs, fema­le foun­ders oun­ders and women from Bran­den­burg who are inte­res­ted in start­ing their own busi­ness. During sun and spar­k­ling wine, the topic of “busi­ness start-ups as a woman” will be dis­cus­sed. Start­ing point is the Social Impact Lab Pots­dam. From the­re it goes fur­ther by the Park Babels­berg. Start is 6:00 pm.