Inspi­ra­ti­on Day

Six pro­jects from the fun­ding pro­grams of the Medi­en­in­no­va­ti­ons­zen­trum Babels­berg (MIZ) will pre­sent them­sel­ves at the Inspi­ra­ti­on Day. Among them are: 

  • Cult­way
  • Vertical52
  • St. Audio
  • Repor­ter Slam
  • ande­rer­seits
  • bloq

Fol­lo­wing this, the tools and for­mats of the teams can be tes­ted in work­shops for their prac­ti­cal sui­ta­bi­li­ty in the field of jour­na­lism. The event is orga­ni­zed by MIZ and Netz­werk Recherche.