The entertainment industry is one of the most important industries for our society. Music, movies and video games – almost everyone is a consumer. We consume it to relax, to escape from everyday life or to go to distant (fantasy) worlds. Therefor it is very important for the media to offer users the most in-depth experience possible. Key word: Immersion.
The Potsdam-based startup Feelbelt has set itself the task to make this experience even more immersive and real. Benjamin Heese (CEO & CFO) and Kilian Wessel (CEO & COO) told us how they want to approach this mission. Read more in our November issue of MTH Unboxing!

1. What were you doing before founding Feelbelt?
Benjamin: I was in middle management at a private bank, where I was responsible for the strategic growth of the business units and managed 150 employees.
Kilian: I was employed as head of operations at HeavenHR, which is a digital platform for managing HR issues. There, I built and scaled the operations departments. I was also the person primarily responsible for sales.

2. What do you do when you are not working for Feelbelt?
Benjamin: Showing my kids how beautiful our world is.
Kilian: Programming and traveling.

3. What is Feelbelt?
Feelbelt converts sound into haptic feedback, making it possible to fully feel sound for the first time. The Feelbelt––our first tangible product––delivers sound directly to the skin using ten pulse generators. This makes music, movies, and games, for example, more immersive and real. It’s the most immersive way to experience content.

4. Why the MTH Accelerator?
MTH helped us to identify our business‘s weak points, especially in the start-up phase. Together, we established a network of professional insiders and worked to create momentum around our business.

5. Why Feelbelt?
The Feelbelt creates a dimension that has not yet existed. You can feel every sound for the first time. An increase in emotional perception. Neuroscientifically proven.
In addition to experiencing emotions more intensively through the Feelbelt, we also help hearing-impaired and Deaf individuals significantly improve their quality of life by making sound tangible.

6. What is your mission?
To redefine the future and the way in which people experience sound. We guide people in the next steps of this journey.
Through its unique software and integrated pulse generators, the Feelbelt achieves a parallel perception of acoustic and sensitive signals that were previously considered impossible and that create a new form of emotionality.
Whether at home or on the road, there are no barriers.

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