RAT.HUB | Startup Podcast: Linda Rath in conversation with Aela Calan

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From Linda Rath about Aela Calan:

I am very honored to be calling Aela Callan as my first guest on the second season of my podcast RAT.HUB. Aela is an award-winning journalist and filmmaker, she worked as a foreign correspondent at Al Jazeera and produced documentaries for Al Jazeera’s 101 East program. She was selected for a prestigious John S. Knight fellowship for journalism innovation at Stanford University and a few years ago she started her own company called head set.

When I met Aela more than five years ago, we regularly discussed how virtual reality is going to change journalism and how it can help tell better stories. How times have changed. I remember Aela always went to all the international conferences to see the latest and best VR experiences and she’s had a very clear understanding of what immersive technologies can do for journalism. i am beyond excited to speak with her.

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