MCB19 -Social Media Grafik Speaker

“Media­Tech Insights” at Media Con­ven­ti­on Berlin

We are very exci­ted to be part of this year’s Media Con­ven­ti­on Ber­lin. On May 8., 2019, you will find us with a panel about “Media­tech Insights: from e-lear­ning via mixed rea­li­ty to AI” in the Media Cube at 12.30 pm.

Media tech­no­lo­gies are the dri­ving force of the digi­tal chan­ge. They visua­li­se, net­work, auto­ma­te and emo­tio­na­li­se. They thus crea­te new rea­li­ties and busi­ness models. The Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam bund­les the local exper­ti­se of spe­cia­lists and visio­na­ries and brings digi­tal chan­ge to life.

The eco­sys­tem of the MTH Pots­dam pro­ves that it needs cou­ra­ge­ous thought lea­ders with a strong wil­ling­ness to coope­ra­te. The ser­vices and rese­arch pro­jects rea­li­zed here are sui­ta­ble for ever­y­day use and innovative.

In 60 minu­tes, four spea­k­ers of the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam will give valuable insights into the digi­tal solu­ti­ons of the future: Peter Effen­berg will talk about the recent­ly laun­ched rese­arch pro­ject dwerft and its fun­da­men­tal solu­ti­ons for the film indus­try. Made­lei­ne Wolf wants to acce­le­ra­te digi­tal edu­ca­ti­on with visionY­OU and make it available to all. Sven Sla­zen­ger from Inter­la­ke helps cli­ents with the digi­tal chan­ge from e-lear­ning to mixed rea­li­ty. And Robert Förs­ter gives insights into the award-win­ning Arti­fi­ci­al Intel­li­gence media start-up Mul­ti­cast Media.

More infor­ma­ti­on to the event here.