MediaTech Solutions & Corona


It is now about five months since the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic in Germany and the subsequent lockdown. Countless events worldwide have been cancelled and companies and entire business units have had to re-sort and reorient themselves.
But not all industries have suffered from the changes. Many digital companies have even benefited from it – including food delivery, online shops and video on demand streaming services. Online events and online meeting platforms are also experiencing a boom. Media technologies are the driving force here and can contribute to this success and new opportunities.

Under the motto Startups: Together for Innovation, German Trade & Invest (GTAI) has now published a page on which startups from different hubs from the Digital Hub Initiative are listed, which offer innovative solutions in times of Corona. From the MediaTech Hub Potsdam these are among others CI Hub, Feelbelt, visionYOU, Yoona Technology Solution and XR Bootcamp:

CI Hub
CI HUB is a platform for content integration and efficient marketing production. It creates open, seamless branding processes within tools like Adobe CC or Microsoft Office.

Feelbelt is THE gadget to bring your favourite live events back to life. Just plug it into your smartphone, home cinema or game console and feel your favourite songs, movies and games.

visionYOU supports schools in digitising their teaching and providing the necessary infrastructure. The company also develops its own apps, educational films and interactive learning units.

Yoona Technology Solution
YOONA Tech is a scalable B2B software solution based on artificial intelligence that shortens the fashion design process to a few simple clicks. Using design, sales and trend data, YOONA proposes new promising design data.

XR Bootcamp
The XR Bootcamp prepares companies for their next XR project by giving employees the skills they need to develop VR/AR projects internally. In an economy that today more than ever relies on remote working tools, the demand for VR/AR skills and tools is growing rapidly. With us, companies do not have to outsource to expensive agencies, but can save time and money by further qualifying their development teams and developing VR/AR solutions internally.

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