MediaTech Solutions for Virtual Meetings


Online tools and virtual meetings are nothing new. However, with the rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus, many people around the world are using home offices, online providers are experiencing a boom in user numbers.

We have compiled our Top 3 for virtual meetings here:

  1. Slack: Our team favorite is Slack. By the way, that was it even before the Corona pandemic. Slack is a platform on which we can exchange information quickly and easily in both thematic groups and direct messages. Telephone calls and conference calls also work perfectly. We have also set up a “Corona-Info” group there, where there is room for questions and we can exchange information about support possibilities. Not yet with Slack? Then please send a message to
  2. Google Hangouts: It should be fast and uncomplicated. In contrast to Slack, there is the possibility to invite participants* with their email addresses for a video call. We find this practical and the quality of the calls is – of course depending on the own internet connection – also good. This makes Google Hangouts easy to use for team meetings or with external partners*.
  3. Mircosoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is also used by some of our partners. Due to the high demand, Microsoft is currently offering to use their platform for the next 6 months free of charge.

We are also happy about further tools and experience reports by mail to, because for the time being we #stayathome.

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