MTH Foundermentals: All about HR

What should be considered when it comes to HR & Hiring? That’s what the June issue of MTH Foundermentals, the workshop series for startups from Potsdam, Brandenburg and Berlin, is all about.

In order to grow as a start-up and advance your own business idea, you need the right team. However, many founders face the challenge of finding and keeping top talents.

In the workshop, HR expert and MTH coach Anna Fishman will explain the 5 typical mistakes in HR & Hiring that first-time founders should definitely avoid. She will also explain why Founders shouldn’t wait too long to staff the People & Culture department, as well as who might turn out as a “bad apple” and other things to be aware of.

The workshop is primarily aimed at founders of early-stage technology startups. But as usual, it is also open to teams from other areas and to anyone else who is interested.

MTH Foundermentals: All about HR will be held via Zoom. You will receive the link shortly before the event, but only after registration.

We are looking forward to meeting you and to hearing your questions and experiences on the topic of HR!