MTH Unboxing: audi​enz​.app

MTH Unboxing con­ti­nues with the start-up around Pau­li­ne Schmie­chen and Flo­ri­an Pon­tal­ti. On the social voice plat­form audi​enz​.app you can anony­mously share your thoughts, memo­ries and sto­ries in short voice stories.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What did you do befo­re foun­ding and working at audi​enz​.app?

audi​enz​.app: We were com­ple­ting our master’s degrees: Online Jour­na­lism for Flo­ri­an and Media Tech­no­lo­gy for Pauline.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What do you do at audi​enz​.app?

audi​enz​.app: Pau­li­ne is respon­si­ble for all tech things. She wri­tes the code and is our app‘s pro­duct owner. Flo­ri­an takes care of ever­y­thing else, main­ly mar­ke­ting and finance.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What is audi​enz​.app?

audi​enz​.app: audi​enz​.app is a social voice plat­form whe­re users can share their most inti­ma­te sto­ries and thoughts. About love, sex, and ever­y­thing in between.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: Why the MTH Accelerator?

audi​enz​.app: We real­ly app­re­cia­ted being part of the Media­Tech Hub Accelerator’s net­work. We also valued how sup­port­i­ve the Hub was while also giving us the free­dom to explo­re and create.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: Why audi​enz​.app?

audi​enz​.app: Becau­se sound is the future!

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What is your mission?

audi​enz​.app: Our mis­si­on is to crea­te a safe and secu­re digi­tal space for inti­ma­te, honest, and edu­ca­tio­nal exch­an­ges about love and sex.

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