MTH Unboxing: Klangchat

Some of the foun­ders of the MTH Acce­le­ra­tor port­fo­lio are con­nec­ted to music. With their start-ups, they bring music and tech tog­e­ther. That’s why April is all about the foun­ders of Klang­chat, Hen­ning Gram­bow, Phil­ip Kurt Kres­sin, Juli­an Laping and Piotr Śnieżek. Read for yourself.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What did you do befo­re Klangchat?

Hen­ning: I com­po­sed and pro­du­ced music for films and artists and con­sul­ted com­pa­nies by con­nec­ting high per­for­mance manage­ment cul­tu­re to jazz music com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on rituals.

Phil­ip: I was an indie rock star in Argen­ti­na and foun­ded an under­ground cul­tu­re maga­zi­ne which pro­gres­sed to beco­me a social net­work in Argen­ti­na. All that hap­pen­ed in the ear­ly days of Face­book in the wild west days of start­ups. After that, I lived in New York with my band Neon Legi­on and beca­me an ama­teur (angel) inves­tor until I moved to Ber­lin and met the Klang­chat crew.

Juli­an: I have been working as a com­po­ser and music pro­du­cer next to my job as a sound and pro­duct desi­gner for Ber­lin music soft­ware com­pa­ny Nati­ve Instruments.

Piotr: I was an inde­pen­dent web and mobi­le appli­ca­ti­ons desi­gner and deve­lo­per and have been hel­ping start­ups plan and crea­te their soft­ware archi­tec­tu­re solutions.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What do you do now out­side of Klangchat?

Hen­ning: I am lear­ning to code!

Phil­ip: Klang­chat is taking up all our time but. When pos­si­ble, I pro­du­ce Ger­man hip hop and songs for my band Neon Legi­on as a hobby.

Juli­an: I used to be a tech­no pro­du­cer and did live acts and am still doing that as a past time.

Piotr: I spend my time with fami­ly and cul­ti­va­te hob­bies like moun­tain biking, ski­ing and gar­dening. I like to play the gui­tar and drums too.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What is Klangchat?

Klang­chat: Klang­chat is an app that allows anyo­ne to crea­te and send emo­tio­nal and enter­tai­ning voice mes­sa­ges. How does it work? First, you record your mes­sa­ge. Imme­dia­te­ly after this, music will appear over your mes­sa­ge and an ani­ma­ted sti­cker will lip sync to your voice. The who­le thing can be sent as a video file on any mes­sen­ger. If you have an iPho­ne, you can even use Klang­chat direct­ly in iMessenger.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: Why MTH Accelerator?

Klang­chat: We are a social media, music, video, and gami­fied mes­sa­ging app. We are basi­cal­ly the embo­di­ment of media tech. So it was natu­ral for us to app­ly to the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor in Pots­dam and take advan­ta­ge of the won­derful oppor­tu­ni­ties that it offers.

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: Why Klangchat?

Klang­chat: The word Klang­chat is quite self-expl­a­na­­to­ry in Ger­man. For Eng­lish spea­k­ers “clang” is an ono­ma­to­poeia. And becau­se it is spel­led with “k” ins­tead of “c”, peo­p­le can make out that it is a Ger­man word. And the Made in Ger­ma­ny label is good!

MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What‘s your mission?

Klang­chat: Some of the foun­ders have back­grounds in music. We belie­ve in the power of music and voice as means of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on. We would like to make that available to as many peo­p­le as pos­si­ble, even tho­se wit­hout any musi­cal back­ground. Youn­ger peo­p­le com­mu­ni­ca­te with lots of voice mes­sa­ges, but right now the­re is no way to make the­se mes­sa­ges more emo­tio­nal or to enrich them with fur­ther mea­ning. We want to sup­port this kind of com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with new tools.


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