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In March, the MTH Unboxing is all about the MTH Accelerator portfolio startup XR Bootcamp around Rahel Demant and Ferhan Ozkan. XR Bootcamp trains VR and AR developers and places graduates with companies that want to enter the growing market.

1. What did you do before XR Bootcamp?

Rahel: I founded and event agency, organizing art events across Germany. Fascinated by the power and possibilities of emerging tech, I joined VR First as COO in 2016. Together with Ferhan, we organized the donations of hundreds of headsets to university labs worldwide and created a community of thousands of developers.

Ferhan: My journey started when I founded a pre-incubation center funded by World Bank in Istanbul, guiding 8 startups to successful industry exits. Soon afterwards, I established the digital platform, distributing games of the top publishers worldwide. As the elected Vice-Chair of the IEEE VR/AR Standards Group, I work on bringing the industry closer together, while focusing on empowering the major stakeholders with my expertise and global network.

2. What are you doing now (except XR Bootcamp)?

Rahel: Growing a startup is more than a full-time job – so answering this question is not easy. Covid has impressively shown how climate change and the current ruthless exploitation of nature are putting life on our planet in danger. We need more activism on how to manage climate change, looming civil wars and shortages of natural resources such as food and water. In my free time, I’m doing all I can to raise awareness on these pressing issues.

Ferhan: I enjoy mentoring and inspiring people, so I am using the opportunity to organize or speak in various remote events in VR, Zoom, Discord as well as Clubhouse. My passion is to find young talents and entrepreneurs and support them as much as I can. That’s why I like the Community Campfire event of MTH Accelarator!

3. What is XR Bootcamp?

XR Bootcamp teaches professionals to create VR/AR applications and supports companies to bridge their skills gap in XR development. Through intensive on-site and online educational programs, cutting-edge curricula, industry-wide known mentors and lecturers and a focus on industry portfolio projects, graduates get the hands-on experience they need to kick off their XR career or get promoted. We are proud to have representatives from Accenture, VW, Audi, Siemens, AirFrance, BNP Paribas, Bosch, Verizon, Orarcle and Deutsche Telekom on our advisory board and offer amazing career opportunities to our graduates.

4. Why MTH Accelerator?

The MTH Accelerator is super valuable to us. Your always positive supportive mentorship and consulting has helped us to master difficult challenges and build an amazing network in Brandenburg and Berlin. The accelerator is very sucessful at building an ecosystem of startups that support each other and offer resources that are truly valuable to any starting and growing startup.

5. Why XR Bootcamp?

Rahel: To me, VR/AR technologies have the chance to be a game changer for our social lifes. Imagine, being able to travel without needing to take flights or have business meetings from the comfort of your own home or treating psychological disorders not by taking chemical medication, but by regularly exercising VR treatments. By offering the best education to developers worldwide, we support the development of top VR/AR apps and games, making a mass adoption possible.

Ferhan: I believe VR/AR is soon going to be the medium that will help us getting our jobs done, socialize, feel and show our presence especially in these unusual times. Physical connections are so limited and we need a new medium that helps us to get together closer. We created this academy to make the most inspiring tech leaders sharing their knowledge with the world and make it accessible instead of staying behind closed doors of R&D departments of large corporates. Everytime I see one of our alumni creating amazing XR use cases based on what they learned in the XR Bootcamp classes, I am proud and feel the great (potential) impact of my work.

6. What is your mission?

We want to connect developers, build networks and support them on their path to becoming truly outstanding. Community and support is at the core of XR Bootcamp. Too often, excellent education is not widely accessible and limited to highly selective students of Ivy League type of schools and universities. With our online education programs, we want to become a truly global program that connects excellent developers regardless of location and background – offering them great career opportunities and moving the state of VR/AR to become a daily tool we use in our lifes.

About MTH Unboxing

The MTH Accelerator portfolio is growing and growing. But what exactly do the teams do and, above all, what did they do before they became entrepreneurs? In MTH Unboxing, our new interview series, we shed some light on the subject and introduce the teams in more detail. MTH Accelerator Babelsberg is the program for startups and founding teams from the metropolitan region who are looking to explore technologies and digital business models and take their companies to the next level.

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