#mthpotsdam X Clubhouse

Image © William Krause

Since we at MediaTech Hub Potsdam deal with the latest media technologies and developments on a daily basis, we spontaneously organized a roundtable discussion last week and asked the question “MediaTech, what is it actually?” in a room of the trend platform Clubhouse.

Hubmanager, Andrea Wickleder, talked with Kathleen Schroeter (Journey 2 Creation), Benjamin Heese (Feelbelt) and Dr. Aljoscha Burchhardt (DFKI) about where media technologies are already ubiquitous in our everyday lives, where they are already being used and where they see the future – an interesting hour that once again touched on the breadth and complexity of MediaTech. In the end, there is (still) no one and all encompassing definition in one sentence, but rather the term includes the diverse combination of media and technology, any form of audio and/or visual content, technologies and business models. However, the consensus of the round was, whether in the present or in the future: without MediaTech it doesn’t work.

From the MediaTech Hub Potsdam Cosmos, several portfolio startups from the MediaTech Hub Accelerator are also very active on the Clubhouse platform. The team around Benjamin Heese (CEO of Feelbelt), for example, has introduced the discussion round “NEXT Talk”. The first two sessions were about the “Future of Content” and “Founder Insights | Berlin over Potsdam”.

Feedback on Clubhouse
We are aware that there are many criticisms of the Clubhouse app, e.g. regarding data privacy and the exclusive access for iOS users only. These are exactly the points we discuss within the MediaTech Hub Potsdam team as well as externally in talks with partners of the Hub, and we also ask ourselves whether we will remain active on Clubhouse. We always see new tech trends as an opportunity and think it’s good to try things out. The fact is, however, that we don’t want to exclude anyone from our own community, but we are always open to new ideas.

Do you have an opinion about Clubhouse? Then send it to us in an email to contact@mth-potsdam.de.