Launch of the medien.barometer sur­vey 2022 / 2023

The medien.barometer 2022/23 has star­ted. media­net ber­lin­bran­den­burg e.V. invi­tes all com­pa­nies, their mana­gers and HR staff from Ber­lin and Brandenburg’s media, crea­ti­ve and digi­tal indus­tries to take part in the repre­sen­ta­ti­ve sur­vey. It is about not­hing less than the acu­te shorta­ge of skil­led workers and how it can be coun­ter­ac­ted so that the growth potential […]

Three years UNESCO City of Film Potsdam

Pots­dam cele­bra­tes its third anni­ver­sa­ry as a UNESCO City of Film this year. The Bran­den­burg capi­tal is the first UNESCO Crea­ti­ve City of Film in Ger­ma­ny. Nowhe­re else in Ger­ma­ny are so many natio­nal and inter­na­tio­nal films made. To mark the occa­si­on, a trai­ler was released by Patrick Wal­lo­ch­ny from the com­pa­ny Ohne Falsch Film GbR – a graduate […]

Review I Visit of the IHK Pots­dam at MTH Space

On 8 Novem­ber, the con­fe­rence Ger­­man-Polish Future Mar­kets 2022 “The Cri­sis as Oppor­tu­ni­ty: Future Indus­tries in Bila­te­ral Busi­ness” took place in Pots­dam. The con­fe­rence was orga­nis­ed by AHK Pol­and and the Pots­dam Cham­ber of Indus­try and Com­mer­ce tog­e­ther with the Bran­den­burg Minis­try of Eco­no­mic Affairs, Labour and Ener­gy (MWAE), Wirt­schafts­för­de­rung Land Bran­den­burg GmbH (WFBB), the Embassy […]

Review I Web Sum­mit 2022

The Web Sum­mit 2022 in Lis­bon is over. The event attrac­ted 71,000+ atten­de­es over a total of four days, accor­ding to its own infor­ma­ti­on. From Novem­ber 1 to 4, com­pa­nies, start­ups and entre­pre­neurs in the field of tech­no­lo­gy from all over the world came tog­e­ther to talk about the future of the tech indus­try. Along with seven other […]

Pop-up Bar goes Punsch & Pitch

Our net­wor­king for­mat “Pop-up Bar” is alre­a­dy in its third round! This time, a spe­cial edi­ti­on awaits you: “Punch & Pitch”. Tog­e­ther with the Medi­en­in­no­va­ti­ons­zen­trum (MIZ) and the MTH Acce­le­ra­tor, we invi­te you to net­work in the cour­ty­ard of the MIZ on Decem­ber 1 from 6 pm at the Coo­kin’ Roll mull­ed wine mobi­le. Before­hand (start­ing at 5 pm), we […]

Review I That was Slush 2022

On Novem­ber 17 and 18, foun­ders and inves­tors from all over the world met again at Slush in Hel­sin­ki. The five acce­le­ra­tor teams Frame­right, fre­que, Klang­chat, Journ­ex­xa and Yoo​na​.aias well as Head of Acce­le­ra­tor Erdinç Koç were the­re. On the one hand, Slush impres­sed with its cosy atmo­sphe­re and the bril­li­ant after-show par­ty inclu­ding karaoke, […]

Review | Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve Pitch Ses­si­on & Award

Last week, the five start-ups Artist­Con­nect, far­vel, pro­mi­seQ, Sav­vi and valu­pa pre­sen­ted their ide­as at the “Start-up Pitch Ses­si­on” of the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve. The pitch ses­si­on took place as part of the Media­Tech Hub Con­fe­rence. The pitch ses­si­on took place as part of the Raw Ven­tures, was pre­sen­ted the same evening at the after-show […]

Art meets Vir­tu­al Production

Art meets Vir­tu­al Pro­duc­tion in Babels­berg. The well-known Ger­man film artist Juli­an Rose­feldt pro­du­ced sce­nes from his latest film instal­la­ti­on “Eupho­ria” at the Halos­ta­ge in Pots­­dam-Babels­­berg. The taxi ride and bus sta­ti­on sce­nes were shot at the Halos­ta­ge: 17 minu­tes of film­ing within two days. The avera­ge for such dri­ving sce­nes is nor­mal­ly up to four […]

Review I The first GITEX GLOBAL

A week ago, from Octo­ber 10 - 14, 2022, the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve pre­sen­ted the Ger­man start-up eco­sys­tem in Dubai for the first time at North Star, the start-up fair of GITEX GLO­BAL. The teams Feel­belt, Klang­chat and yoo​na​.ai from the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam were the­re and were able to pre­sent them­sel­ves along­side lea­ding technology […]

MTH Unboxing: Den­ton Systems

Your den­tal health is the num­ber one prio­ri­ty for Den­ton Sys­tems. The foun­ders Den­nis Wag­ner and Mari­us Lie­fold tell us in the July edi­ti­on of MTH Unboxing about their moti­va­ti­on to start Den­ton Sys­tems and their method to fur­ther deve­lop den­tal medi­ci­ne. MTH Acce­le­ra­tor: What did you do befo­re start­ing Den­ton Sys­tems? Den­nis: I gra­dua­ted as […]