Review I That was Slush 2022

On Novem­ber 17 and 18, foun­ders and inves­tors from all over the world met again at Slush in Hel­sin­ki. The five acce­le­ra­tor teams Frame­right, fre­que, Klang­chat, Journ­ex­xa and Yoo​na​.aias well as Head of Acce­le­ra­tor Erdinç Koç were the­re. On the one hand, Slush impres­sed with its cosy atmo­sphe­re and the bril­li­ant after-show par­ty inclu­ding karao­ke, and on the other hand with new acquain­tances and partnerships.

About Slush

Slush is a start­up and tech event in Hel­sin­ki. It is now con­side­red Europe’s lea­ding tech con­fe­rence and has grown from a sin­gle gathe­ring in Hel­sin­ki to a series of events around the world. Slush faci­li­ta­tes mee­tings bet­ween foun­ders and inves­tors and ven­ture capi­ta­lists, com­ple­men­ted by events such as match­ma­king and pit­ching com­pe­ti­ti­ons. The goal of Slush is to build a glo­bal start­up com­mu­ni­ty. Up to 20,000 trade visi­tors from 130 count­ries gather at the not-for-pro­fit event every year.

Hea­der © Petri Anttila

We have coll­ec­ted a few impressions: