Review | MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge Batch No. 3

After the MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge took place twice in 2021, the work­shop seri­es ent­e­red its third round in Febru­a­ry 2022. A recap.

On Febru­a­ry 15 and 16, 2022, the three star­tups memo­dio, valu­pa, and Vei­ta worked inten­si­ve­ly on their indi­vi­du­al chal­len­ges. The teams were equip­ped with post-its, pin­boards and pens and set out to find pos­si­ble solu­ti­ons for their ques­ti­ons. They were gui­ded by the Design Thin­king coa­ches of the HPI Aca­de­my.

Here are the state­ments of the teams about the two work­shop days:

“The Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge was very enri­ching. Our men­tors Urs Isen­eg­ger and Prof. Mar­co Rim­kus brought us even clo­ser to cus­to­mer-centric thin­king than we alrea­dy knew. Indi­vi­du­al­ly, we were able to address an issue that was on our minds. Over­all, we can ful­ly recom­mend the Chal­len­ge to all teams that are cur­r­ent­ly working on a solu­ti­on and pro­blem.” - memodio

“Par­ti­ci­pa­ting in the MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge gave us a fresh per­spec­ti­ve on our value chain, and through the inten­si­ve exami­na­ti­on of indi­vi­du­al are­as we were able to soli­di­fy our under­stan­ding of our weak­nes­ses and strengths, oppor­tu­nities and chal­len­ges. The inter­views we con­duc­ted and the sub­se­quent eva­lua­ti­on in the group pro­vi­ded new food for thought. The two-day work­shop was a com­ple­te suc­cess for us in many aspects!” - valupa

“The MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge was very valu­able for us. Design thin­king is ide­al when it comes to sol­ving com­plex pro­blems in a team and crea­ting user-centric inno­va­tions tog­e­ther. We can direct­ly app­ly what we have lear­ned in our start­up.” - Veita

The 4th round of the MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ge is sche­du­led to take place in the fall 2022. Then, teams from the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor net­work as well as star­tups that are part of the de:hub initia­ti­ve will again have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to tack­le their own indi­vi­du­al challenges.

The MTH Design Thin­king Chal­len­ges take place in coope­ra­ti­on with the HPI Aca­de­my and are fun­ded by the Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Cli­ma­te Action (BMWI) as a high­light pro­ject of the de:hub initiative.

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