Review | That was SXSW 2022

That’s it SXSW 2022 is over and ever­yo­ne is back. With more than 20 start­ups, the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve was repre­sen­ted at the Ger­man Pavilion.

Among them were the 6 teams Beta­Room, Feel­belt, Klang­chat, fre­que, Volu­cap and Zau­bar from the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam. We summarize:

  • Net­wor­king start with pit­ches and key­note by hub mana­ger Andrea Wick­le­der from GTAI at Wax Myrtle’s Austin.
  • More than 1600 visi­tors at the booth
  • Suc­cessful pit­ches by Feel­belt and Zau­bar at the SXSW Start­up Pitch Event
  • Pre­sen­ta­ti­on by Sven Blie­dung von der Hei­de (CEO Volu­cap) about the pro­duc­tion of Matrix Resur­rec­tion and the future of VFX and the usa­ge of Cine­ma­tic Volu­metric Video
  • Zau­bar live on ZDF “Vol­le Kan­ne” from March 15 (from minu­te 12:50).

We thank rckt, Hub Agen­cy as well as GTAI for the gre­at orga­niza­ti­on and the Ger­man Fede­ral Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs, Ener­gy and Cli­ma­te Pro­tec­tion for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be repre­sen­ted at SXSW.

Last but not least, we would like to clo­se SXSW 2022 with the words of our Hub Manager:

“The who­le city is a fes­ti­val and par­ty - it’s a pri­vi­le­ge to mix work and fun and to cross bor­ders (in peace). The times of lonely cow­boys are over.” (Andrea Wickleder)

Are the­re any expe­ri­en­ces you would like to share? Or would you like to learn more about the com­pa­nies and the Media­Tech Hub Potsdam?

Then just send us an email to contact@​mth-​potsdam.​de!

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