Originally developed by media and gaming pioneers, VR and AR applications (virtual and augmented reality) also offer a wide range of opportunities for industry: virtual prototypes, machine simulations, digital twins for factory planning, immersive learning, remote maintenance, smart logistics and production are not science fiction, but are already enabling broader horizons and concrete efficiency gains in industrial processes. With the supra-regional event, we wanted to network stakeholders and contribute to the transfer of knowledge.

In an online event on April 21, 2021, the diverse possibilities of VR and AR applications were presented, individual best-practice solutions were introduced, and concrete questions or possible areas of application were identified and discussed together with the participants. In a learning exchange, initial connections between technology providers and users were encouraged.

A (face-to-face) follow-up event on June 29, 2021 in Stuttgart/Fellbach will deepen the understanding of the technologies and industrial application examples will be experienced in live trials in a workshop setting. Through a concrete matchmaking, the connections between technology providers and users will be strengthened and impulses for sustainable developments in the companies will be set. Further information about participation will follow.

The event was a cooperation of CODE_n (de:hub future.industries), MediaTech Hub Potsdam (de:hub MediaTech), de:hub IoT and the Cluster ICT, Media und Creative Industries Berlin-Brandenburg.

We would also like to thank our partners Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) Fellbach and Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg.

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