The Media­Tech Hub Space offers afford­a­ble office space for media tech­no­lo­gy start-ups in Pots­dam Babelsberg 

Media­Tech Hub Space 

The Media­Tech Hub Space offers media tech­no­lo­gy start-ups afford­a­ble office space at the Pots­dam-Babels­berg loca­ti­on. On 4 August 2021, the jury selec­ted the win­ning teams.

In Sep­tem­ber 2021, the five selec­ted star­tups moved into their new offices at UFA. For 9.50 euros per m² net (inclu­ding electri­ci­ty, water, hea­ting, inter­net, 24⁄7 access, recep­ti­on and mee­ting room), the star­tups beco­me part of the Media­Tech Hub and gain valu­able access to net­works from the media and digi­tal world, rese­arch and tea­ching and the start-up scene.


Office space at the UFA ©UFA

Ent­ran­ce of the UFA ©UFA

Visit from Mitt­wei­da Uni­ver­si­ty at MTH Space

Sim­Ra­cing at the start-up Sensit!


  • Afford­a­ble office space in the heart of the media city Babels­berg at UFA
  • Cura­ted coa­ching and com­mu­ni­ty offerings
  • Access to 12 nati­on­wi­de Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve loca­ti­ons and the bene­fits of being part of the de:hub initia­ti­ve (e.g. visi­bi­li­ty or co-working across Ger­ma­ny with the Start­up Card).
  • Access to events and tra­de fairs also wit­hin the frame­work of the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve, e.g. Aca­de­my Ses­si­ons, MTH Foun­der­men­tals, Design Thin­king Chal­len­ges or the annu­al Media­Tech Hub Conference.

The win­ners of the com­pe­ti­ti­on to move into the Space are Bot­t­leAd, fre­que, Klang­chat, MARKT­KOST and ROADIA. 

MTH Space Teams 

Bot­t­leAd has estab­lis­hed a com­ple­te­ly new type of adver­ti­sing space when dis­pen­sing empty bot­t­les direct­ly at the POS and is the­re­fo­re the per­fect part­ner for con­su­mers, retailers and adver­ti­sing partners.

fre­que is the first online music mar­ket­place that opti­mi­ses the work­flow of film and agen­cy teams. Team mem­bers can use dif­fe­rent music opti­ons direct­ly in their films, try them out and com­mu­ni­ca­te with their team about the music selec­tion. Once they have deci­ded, they can then licen­se the music direct­ly in fre­que. And all this in just one brow­ser window.

To ade­qua­te­ly express emo­ti­on or mea­ning, it takes more than text messages, sti­ckers and emo­jis. Tra­di­tio­nal messaging is mis­sing an essen­ti­al part of our emo­ti­ons and human natu­re - the voice and the music. Sound chat allows anyo­ne to add music to voice messages to crea­te and send ori­gi­nal chat messages. 

MARKT­KOST is the first digi­tal can­te­en alter­na­ti­ve for SMEs. Con­ve­ni­ent, deli­cious, varied - and com­ple­te­ly without pack­a­ging was­te. Learn more about mar­ket food in the MTH Unboxing.

ROADIA aims to deve­lop glo­bal­ly deploya­ble, scala­b­le, DSGVO-com­pli­ant road safe­ty sys­tems to mini­mi­se the num­ber of traf­fic acci­dents and enab­le ide­al traf­fic flow in modern smart cities. 

More about the MTH Space 

In order to pro­mo­te the start-up cli­ma­te in Pots­dam, we want to use the space to crea­te attrac­ti­ve and, in a regio­nal com­pa­ri­son, afford­a­ble office space star­ting at 17 squa­re metres and also enab­le foun­ders to exchan­ge ide­as direct­ly through col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve working. Here, fun­ded by the Federal Minis­try for Eco­no­mic Affairs and Cli­ma­te Action (BMWK) young media tech start-ups are sup­por­ted by being able to rent attrac­ti­ve office space on one floor at redu­ced rates until the end of 2022. In this sen­se, the MTH Space stands for inno­va­ti­on and the rea­li­sa­ti­on of ide­as (DO!).

Ancho­red in the eco­sys­tem of the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam and in clo­se pro­xi­mi­ty to estab­lis­hed com­pa­nies and sci­en­ti­fic excel­lence, the aim is to pro­mo­te direct net­wor­king bet­ween start-ups, entre­pre­neurs­hip and sci­ence. In addi­ti­on, a coa­ching offer and per­so­nal con­ta­ct pro­vi­de sup­port on rele­vant topics in ever­y­day start-up life.

In 2019 and 2020, the Hub made indi­vi­du­al office spaces in the Media­Tech Hub Lab avail­ab­le to selec­ted star­tups at redu­ced rates. The win­ners of the second com­pe­ti­ti­on to enter 2020 were Cin­uru Rese­arch, CI Hub, feel­belt, visionY­ou and Vrag­ments.

We thank our spon­sors and partners 


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