The eco­sys­tem for tech start­ups from Potsdam 
and the metro­po­li­tan region 

Are your topics VR/AR, block­chain, cloud sys­tems, the meta­ver­se, came­ra tech­no­lo­gies, sound and music soft­ware, or AI? 
Then you’­ve come to the right place! 

Key facts first 

We were initia­ted in 2019 by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pots­dam, the Has­so Platt­ner Insti­tu­te and the Babels­berg Film Uni­ver­si­ty tog­e­ther with the Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam as the first acce­le­ra­tor pro­gram in Bran­den­burg. We see our­sel­ves as spar­ring part­ners for start­ups and sup­port you in the six months of the pro­gram to take your com­pa­ny to the next level. Important topics here are pro­duct mar­ket fit, fund­rai­sing and much more. 
Find out more about which teams we are loo­king for and how you can apply. 

Which start­ups do we look for? 

Foun­der teams (at least 2 co-foun­­ders), pre-seed and seed with a digi­tal busi­ness model.

When can you apply? 

Appli­ca­ti­ons are pos­si­ble at any time, via our online appli­ca­ti­on form.

How do you app­ly as a team? 

Click on “App­ly now”. We’ll ask you about your idea and what stage it’s at, why your team is right for the MTH Acce­le­ra­tor and more. Final­ly, attach your pitch deck as a PDF.

Do we invest in startups? 

We do not invest in teams. But we work inten­si­ve­ly with you to help you gain fund­rai­sing skills and grow quick­ly in the start­up scene.

Is it neces­sa­ry to have stu­di­ed at one of the par­ti­ci­pa­ting universities? 

We are very hap­py about teams that come to us from our part­ner uni­ver­si­ties - the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pots­dam, the HPI, the Film Uni­ver­si­ty or the SRH Ber­lin. But we are equal­ly open to teams that are not con­nec­ted to the universities.

Do you have to loca­te your­sel­ves in the media indus­try? Can you app­ly from other industries? 

We are indus­­try-inde­­pen­­dent and love the mix, becau­se we expe­ri­ence that Media­Tech is natu­ral­ly found in enter­tain­ment, but also in indus­tries such as Mobi­li­ty, Health, Smart­Gov, Indus­try 4.0 and many more.

Get to know our teams and us 

We belie­ve that start­ups grow best when they get sup­port from dif­fe­rent angles. Important ele­ments here are our events and our team as well as our foun­der community. 
5 Jahre MTH Potsdam Team

5 Years MTH Pots­dam - The team

Net­wor­king on our roof terrace.

Our port­fo­lio start­up Trueffles

Our port­fo­lio start­up St. Audio

Our port­fo­lio start­up winkt

Our port­fo­lio start­up Cultway

Our port­fo­lio start­up Deep Skin AI


MTH Con­fe­rence 2022 - Jury of the “Start-up Pitch Ses­si­on” by the Digi­tal Hub Initiative

Our cur­rent teams in the program 

This also awaits you in the program 

Indi­vi­du­al support

Office Hours with experts from the Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor and the start­up sce­ne; sup­port and access to inves­tor data­ba­ses, inves­tor rea­di­ness, inves­tor intros.

Foun­der Community

The MTH Acce­le­ra­tor com­mu­ni­ty has around 60 foun­ders. The Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam has a lar­ge net­work of com­pa­nies and insti­tu­ti­ons in the media sec­tor in Pots­dam and Berlin.

Office Space

The Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor has offices in the Media City Babels­berg, which are available to cur­rent port­fo­lio teams for the dura­ti­on of the program.

Ven­ture Deve­lo­p­ment & Fundraising

We sup­port you in gro­wing and deve­lo­ping as a com­pa­ny. We pay par­ti­cu­lar atten­ti­on to fund­rai­sing, whe­ther through pri­va­te invest­ment or public fun­ding. For this pur­po­se, we give you access to our own fund­rai­sing data­ba­se, which lists inves­tors and busi­ness angels from DACH.

MTH VC Data­ba­se & Accesses

We have a cir­cu­la­ted data­ba­se lis­ting VC’s, fami­ly offices, busi­ness angels, public fun­ding pro­grams in the DACH regi­on. You will also find infor­ma­ti­on on con­fe­ren­ces, start­up pro­grams and much more.

Part of the de:hub initiative 

As a Media­Tech Hub Pots­dam start­up, you are auto­ma­ti­cal­ly part of the Digi­tal Hub Initia­ti­ve and can be part of the Ger­man dele­ga­ti­on at inter­na­tio­nal events and con­fe­ren­ces such as SXSW, Viva Tech, Web­sum­mit or Slush and pre­sent yours­elf on an inter­na­tio­nal level.

Our goal: to help shape the start­up eco­sys­tem in Brandenburg! 

The Media­Tech Hub Acce­le­ra­tor is the spar­ring part­ner for start­ups in the ear­ly stages. We are tech-dri­­ven and think across sec­tors. A look at our port­fo­lio shows what we mean by this. One part can be assi­gned to the are­as of film, music, sto­rytel­ling or fashion, the other part includes sec­tors such as con­s­truc­tion, Indus­try 4.0, food tech, digi­tal health or smart government.

Our goal, tog­e­ther with the initia­tors Uni­ver­si­ty of Pots­dam, Has­so Platt­ner Insti­tu­te and Film Uni­ver­si­ty Babels­berg KON­RAD WOLF, is to offer teams an indi­vi­du­al­ly tail­o­red post-foun­­ding pro­gram. At the same time, we want to streng­then the start­up eco­sys­tem in Pots­dam and Bran­den­burg through our exper­ti­se and community.

Ear­­ly-stage start­ups are given the oppor­tu­ni­ty to fur­ther deve­lop their busi­ness models, build their own valuable net­works and acqui­re skills in pit­ching, marketing/​​PR, sales, HR/​​recruiting, go-to-mar­ket, UX/UI, legal and tax issues and fund­rai­sing.

Sin­ce our launch in 2019, around 40 teams have been added to the port­fo­lio, rai­sing around €22 mil­li­on in fund­rai­sing. Most important and valuable, howe­ver, is our com­mu­ni­ty: around 70 foun­ders are part of the MTH Acce­le­ra­tor. Their know­ledge and sup­port helps all new teams.

Part of a strong regio­nal network 

The spe­cial fea­ture of our pro­gram is the asso­cia­ti­on of strong part­ners from Pots­dam and Bran­den­burg. The MTH Acce­le­ra­tor 2019 was initia­ted by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Pots­dam, with the Has­so Platt­ner Insti­tu­te and the Film Uni­ver­si­ty Babels­berg KON­RAD WOLF. The SRH Ber­lin Uni­ver­si­ty of Appli­ed Sci­en­ces has been a part­ner uni­ver­si­ty sin­ce 2021. We are the­r­e­fo­re very hap­py to wel­co­me teams who have a con­nec­tion to the­se uni­ver­si­ties, eit­her becau­se they are just about to finish their start­up con­sul­tancy at the uni­ver­si­ties or becau­se they have alre­a­dy foun­ded a com­pa­ny as alum­ni but would like to return to the old fami­li­ar environment.

Net­wor­king to enrich the start­up eco­sys­tem for Brandenburg 

Start­ups, agen­ci­es or other com­pa­nies with an inno­va­ti­ve cha­rac­ter are in good hands in Bran­den­burg and the metro­po­li­tan regi­on. The net­work is very clo­se and the oppor­tu­ni­ties for fun­ding pro­grams are very good. Many of the­se part­ners come tog­e­ther in the MTH Accelerator.

Our sponsors 

Our Net­work Part­ners & Friends 

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