We live in the age of streaming. Various platforms allow users to listen to music anytime and anywhere. However, the payment of the artists is not always fair. The founders of MusoMind, Yuval Ron and Ishay Sommer, are now trying to change this situation with their platform. In the September issue of MTH Unboxing, they tell us how they want to approach the mission.

1. What did you do before starting MusoMind?
Both of us are musicians, web developers and entrepreneurs. Yuval released his latest album and prepped for some touring before Covid pulled the breaks on live shows. That’s when we started to work on MusoMind.

2. What do you do when you’re not working at MusoMind?
Music! We’ll always do that. Building MusoMind does take a huge amount of our time though, so we can’t make music as much as we used to.

3. What is MusoMind?
MusoMind is a music subscription platform for the age of streaming. Imagine if Spotify or YouTube added a big button on the top of each musician’s profile: “Subscribe to this artist”, from $1 / month. That’s us in a nutshell.

4. Why the MTH Accelerator?
Because of the accelerator-market fit. The MTH Accelerator has some solid knowledge and contacts in the media and music industry. This is where we naturally belong.

5. Why MusoMind?
Because as musicians we share the pain and understand the huge challenges artists are facing in today’s music industry. As entrepreneurs and tech guys we also have the tools to address those issues effectively.

6. What is your mission?
To enable musicians to become financially self-sustainable by making a steady living of their recorded music. To enable fans to take a genuine part in their favorite musicians’ careers and show their love and appreciation.

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