The Place of Innovation for Media Technologies

The Place of Innovation for Media Technologies

Potsdam combines ambitions in media and IT in a unique way

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Image © Chris Liverani

Latest in our blog

No metadata, no reach – start-up Fassoo uses an AI software to make video content more visible globally

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MTH Unboxing
Image © si:cross

MTH Unboxing

A new interview of MTH Unboxing is now online. Read all about si:cross and what they did before becoming founders.

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MediaTech Solutions, Home Office Tips & Information on Support

MediaTech Solutions, Home Office Tips & Information on Support

The rapid spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus presents many employees and companies with major challenges. We have summarized some information.

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  • Technologies are changing processes, ways of thinking and cultures. Media technologies are the driving force here. MediaTech is any audio- or video related technology and business in a digital world. The MediaTech Hub Potsdam bundles the local expertise of specialists and visionaries and strengthens entrepreneurship.

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27. Jan 2021


HPI D-School Virtual Open House

HPI D-School

At the HPI D-School Virtual Open House on 27 January 2021 we answer all questions regarding our Design Thinking programs for students and recent graduates. Visit us and learn about our program contents, the application process and our partner projects. Representatives of companies and organizations can visit us to find out how to become an HPI D-School project partner. The HPI Academy will introduce its Design Thinking programs for professionals.

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15. Feb – 22. Jan 2021


MTH Design Thinking Challenges #1/2021

Registeration only

We are excited to launch a new workshop format at the MTH Accelerator starting in 2021, which we will host together with our partners and friends from the HPI Academy: The MTHP Design Thinking Challenges. Twice a year, we offer up to three teams from the MTHAcc and the MTHP the opportunity to work with design thinking on challenges of their business ideas. Be it questions about the product, ideas on how to make the products even better for your users or how you can better understand and address your users and target groups. We can solve all of this at the MTHP DT Challenges. Workshop days are: 15th/16th/22nd Feb. If you want to participate please send an email to Susanne Zöchling from the MTH Accelerator: